Developing a Comprehensive Plan for Hair Restoration

Managing Hair Loss Over Time with a Comprehensive Plan

Deciding to push back against the forces of hair loss is the starting point for an ongoing journey to keep your hair.

In most cases, the conversation about a Comprehensive Plan for hair maintenance over time is not part of the decision to invest in initial treatment. The truth is that hair loss continues over time and though it may be down the road many years, a follow on ACell+PRP or surgical restoration will be necessary to keep hair looking natural. In this video, Dr. Niedbalski discusses the importance of the often overlooked Comprehensive Plan.

From the first conversation with Dr. Niedbalski, he is working on a plan for the future to maximize current technologies and consider emerging solutions to protect native hair, renew existing hair, and restore areas of hair loss. Northwest Hair Restoration is focusing on building a trust based relationship to meet patient’s expectations for keeping their hair now and in the years ahead.

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