The Hair Restoration Process

Information Gathering

Deciding to Protect, Renew, or Restore your hair is a big decision. Once the journey starts it is important to have a doctor who can help along the way. Pushing back against the forces of nature that cause hair loss is ongoing. Choosing a trusted advisor to help navigate the best path forward to mitigate future loss requires research and understanding what resources are available.

At Northwest Hair, our team of dedicated professionals are just a phone call or email away from connecting you with a trusted advisor in Dr. Niedbalski. They can help answer initial questions, and prepare you to make the most of your time with the doctor during your consultation. You will always see Dr. Niedbalski when you schedule a consultation at Northwest Hair. Start your information gathering process with a call to the practice.

Consultation and Assessment

We want to understand your expectations for complete satisfaction with your hair. During a consultation appointment, Dr. Niedbalski will conduct an assessment and listen so you can feel heard and understood about your unique needs, concerns, and expectations about your hair. He will then offer a recommendation to Protect, Renew, and Restore your hair, and you’ll leave the appointment with a Comprehensive Plan.

Setting Expectations

We want to understand your expectations for complete satisfaction with your hair. The agreed upon expectations defined in your Comprehensive Plan will be shared with our whole team so that each person you encounter in our office is striving to meet or exceed your expectations.  You can be assured we are committed to your satisfaction during this process. Meeting your expectations is the ultimate goal!

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan considers the full spectrum of hair loss over time.

  • Protect native hairs now
  • Renew hair that is miniaturizing
  • Restore areas of complete loss

Hair loss is progressive over time. Having a plan that considers what your hair will look like 10 to 20 years from now is important as you consider investing in your appearance.

Procedure Preparation (Pre-Op)

Once a commitment is made toward a surgical or non-surgical procedure, it is important to feel prepared and informed about the process. Our Clinical Care Coordinator personally calls to talk through what to expect before, during and after a procedure. During this conversation any lingering questions are addressed, and any special requests related to comfort, snack selection, preferred movie genre, or otherwise are notated to ensure expectations are met for a relaxing appointment.

Initial Procedure

Dr. Niedbalski performs all procedures at Northwest Hair. He is assisted by a team of dedicated, compassionate, professional surgical technicians who have worked alongside him for many years. This loyal team creates an environment that is comfortable and welcoming for patients.

  • Post Procedure Home Care: At the end of the day the Surgical Team will offer post-op instructions, directions for medications, and suggestions for keeping comfortable during recovery. Dr. Niedbalski provides his personal contact information to all patients post procedure in case any questions come up over night. He also calls each patient personally the following day, even weekends, just to check in.

Instructions. For ACell+PRP, FUT Strip Harvest Surgery, FUE Surgery.

Ongoing Follow Up

An important factor to ensure expectations are met for results, ongoing follow up appointments will occur every 4 months. Dr. Niedbalski closely follows patient progress for 18 months and then annually. Follow up communication will include direct access to the doctor.

Annual Comprehensive Plan Update

Annual visits with Dr. Niedbalski are a time to learn about new breakthroughs in the fight against hair loss. In addition, progress photos will be taken and reviewed, and the Comprehensive Plan updated. Doctor and patient discuss satis progress, or the possibility of additional steps to achieve patient expectations for hair maintenance along the way.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your confidential decision to receive treatment will be kept discreet and private, with the outcome of natural looking results.

From initial contact, and throughout the process of planning for a procedure, our patients’ information is kept completely confidential, unless their express permission is provided to share their story.

Our team will help you plan for time off and when to return to normal routine. With a plan, you can feel confident in your appearance, with no visible indicators of a procedure detectable to others.

Here, Dr. Niedbalski shares his philosophy and approach to honoring patient confidentiality, and explains how the Northwest Hair Team collaborates to meet this important patient expectation to keep the patient experience discreet and private.

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