What to Expect from the Hair Restoration Process

If hair restoration surgery is the right option for you, then it’s nice to have an idea of what’s involved before walking into the surgical process.

So what happens on the day of surgery?

Walk through the process with Dan, a Northwest Hair Restoration Client.


What You Can Expect from Northwest Hair Restoration

We want to understand your expectations for a complete satisfaction with your hair. Your expectations are shared with our team to ensure that each team member is striving to meet or exceed those agreed upon expectations. Meeting your expectations is the ultimate goal.


We want to hear about what you want to see when you look in the mirror. By clarifying your expectations, we can recommend the right solution to maintain or restore your hair over time.

Worthwhile Investment

Dr. Niedbalski will consider your individual expectations for results when creating your comprehensive plan. Financing and payment plans are accessible. We are dedicated to creating a return on your investment that lasts a lifetime.


Your confidential decision to receive treatment will be kept discreet and private, with the outcome of natural-looking results. Our team will help you plan for time off and when to return to normal routine. With a plan you can feel confident in your appearance, with no visible indicators of the procedure detectable to others.

To Be Comfortable

Our patients’ feedback has helped us implement measures to ensure your comfort from your first visit through post-procedure recover. With a state-of-the-art facility and a staff that makes you feel like family, we’ll provide the environment for a relaxing day.

To Understand the Process

We are committed to sharing with you as much as you would like to know about the process, science, medicine, and details of how your procedure will be performed.

To Be Prepared and Informed

We will share with you what to expect along each step of the way. Your comprehensive plan will include ongoing follow-up communication and direct access to the doctor.

Timely Appointments

We respect your time and commit to being on schedule for your visits.

To Build a Trust-Based Relationship

You’ve selected a skilled progressional with more than 20 years in the field of hair restoration. Dr. Niedbalski is competent and experienced with all hair types. He has built a diligent and professional staff, passionate about patient care. He offers hair loss solutions that produce desired results.

To Be Understood

We want to provide you the opportunity to be heard and understood about your unique needs, concerns, and expectations.


To learn more about our process, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Niedbalski in either our Tacoma or Seattle locations.

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