Surgery and Scars

Anxiety about any aspect of a hair restoration procedure may cause a patient to postpone or avoid treatment altogether. Typically, anxiety develops as a result of a breakdown in communication between the patient and the Doctor.  When the patient feels fully informed about what to expect during and after treatment, they are better prepared mentally and physically, and anxiety is minimized.  When patients communicate openly about what causes them anxiety, the Doctor is then able to address alternatives to make the patient more comfortable throughout the experience.

So lets talk about the SCAR:

S – Scar-less surgery is a myth.

Any procedure that will transplant hair grafts requires an incision. When the body’s natural barrier is broken through, there is some form of a “patch” or scar created by the body during healing. The NeoGraft/ FUE Method creates a small, circular scar where grafts are extracted.  The nature of the small punch incision does not require stitches, but does require healing time, and there will always be a small scar present even after healing.  The Strip Harvest Method creates a linear scar at the back of the head, and leaves a thin scar line similar to the crease in your palm.  If the thought of such invasive treatment creates undue anxiety, a less invasive option is the ACell + PRP injection offered as a stand-alone treatment.

Hair Transplant Surgery Scars
Immediately after FUE Hair Transplant and prior Strip Scar from FUT below

C – Comfort is a top concern for our patients.

They don’t want to feel anything during or after a procedure. Recently, a patient shared she did not want to see any blood during her surgery, she did not want to hear the clippers trimming the donor hair, and she felt vey anxious about the process.  Dr. Niedbalski listened to her concerns for comfort and mitigated her anxiety by meeting those expectations with some creative solutions.  We are committed to ensuring our patients’ comfort.

A – Acell + PRP is the great equalizer for scaring.

ACell motivates the healing process by activating stem cells in the wound which begin regenerating new tissue.  Rather than forming a patch or scar, the body forms soft, supple new tissue at the site of the incision.  Donor scars treated with ACell + PRP heal to be nearly undetectable.

ACell + PRP can also be applied to the scalp via injections apart from a surgery, activating dormant follicles and regenerating miniaturized hairs on the scalp.

R – Recovery after a hair restoration procedure requires some planning.

Depending on a patient’s desire for confidentiality, it may be important to plan for some time away from work.  Activity levels should be reduced during healing to minimize swelling.  While there is some discomfort after a restoration surgery or an ACell + PRP Injection, Dr. Niedbalski customizes a post treatment plan to reduce the sensation of discomfort or irritation.

At Northwest Hair Restoration, Dr. Niedbalski’s goal is to maximize your results while minimizing any fear or anxiety.  If you are scared of the SCAR, connect with Dr. Niedbalski for a consultation to openly discuss your expectations.  He will help identify those areas of anxiety and design creative solutions to help you achieve the results you desire.

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