ACell + PRP and Hair Transplant Surgery

During a hair transplant procedure ACell + PRP is administered after the donor tissue has been harvested and before the recipient sites are made.

Multiple small injections are made into the upper scalp layers from hairline to crown and the donor area. There is no pain during this process because the scalp has already been numbed for the hair transplant procedure.

ACell+PRP extends the surgical procedure by about 30 minutes. Recovery from surgery with ACell + PRP is identical to recovery after a standard hair transplant.

However, because of it’s regeneration capabilities, ACell + PRP speeds the healing process and improves the overall results of the transplant.

A combined treatment is a great option for you if you want to:

  • Minimize the donor scar, or treat expanded or unsightly old donor scars, associated with FUE and FUT donor harvest methods
  • Maintain native, non-transplanted hair that is at risk of future thinning, especially the hairline and crown
  • Increase the density of non-transplanted miniaturizing hair
  • Improve the quality and quantity of hair being produced by follicles weakened by genetic hair loss, resulting in hair that grows longer, thicker and richer in color
  • Increase graft survival – when stored in ACell + PRP solution prior to transplantation, graft survival is increased by 10% or more
  • Increase the survival of transplanted hair follicles and regenerate new hair follicles in the scalp from both transplanted and existing follicles

The hybrid treatment approach really does make a significant difference to the outcome of a transplant procedure. It can even reduce the number of grafts needed to achieve desired results.

ACell + PRP increases hair density more than an adding another 400-500 grafts. The net effect of ACell + PRP on hair density far outweighs the visual improvement seen with grafts alone. In addition, ACell + PRP reduces donor scarring which preserves more donor follicles.

Learn more about how ACell + PRP works >

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